February 16, 2004

Pig in Slop

The Yanks are getting A-Rod and (as Jeter will still be at short) I'm tickled pink. It's worth noting to all the "Yankees buy their championships" haters that:

  1. Well, this is just demonstrably true, isn't it?
  2. The Red Sox tried to do the exact same thing but couldn't get it done. So thhbbtt.

The NYT has a great account of the financials behind the deal which are pretty fascinating. One tidbit:
The Yankees also got Rodriguez to defer an additional $1 million a year for each of the first four years with no interest. They offset that reduction in value by giving Rodriguez a hotel suite on the road (an old players' perk) and allowing him to link his Web site to the Yankees' Web site (a new perk).
I like the fact the being in someone's blogroll has become a part of business negotiations.

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