June 03, 2004

Take Two

Despite it being a favorite of friends far and wide, I've never known anyone who saw Donnie Darko in the theater.

Turns out it made $500K when it was initially released in 2001. On opening weekend it was only ever on 58 screens - by the fourth weekend only 6 theaters carried it.

By way of contrast, I did see Congo in the theaters - a movie featuring laser-armed grey apes. It made $81M.

I also saw The Next Karate Kid (starring Hilary Swank in the title role) on opening night no less. It managed to make $9M domestically.

Fortunately, Donnie Darko's being given a second shot this summer. Even if it's only in 50 theaters again, I'm betting that 5 will be in SF and that opening night will be completely sold out.


you know said...

i saw it in the theatre because at the time i was dating a girl who was fanatical about Drew Barrymore.

the weird part is i didnt like the film and i was shocked when it became an instant cult-favorite.

goldman said...

tony - you are both my hero and my nemesis.