August 08, 2004


There's nothing remarkable to say about David Mamet's Spartan. It's Jack Ryan with staccato dialog.

But seeing it did make me check out what Mamet's up to next ... apparently he's working on a Will Farrell vehichle called Joan of Bark: The Dog that Saved France.



Matt said...

I'll check it out, I liked State and Main a lot.

When you say Jack Ryan with staccato dialog, do you mean Clear and Present Danger or Fucking Horny ex-Senate Candidate Jack Ryan? Cos if it's the latter, I might have to check that out, too.

goldman said...

It's the Clancey meets Mamet variety. As if Hunt for Red October were like:

"Russian captains sometime -"
"Russian captains?"
"Russian captains. Captains; sometimes they turn -"
"They turn?"
"Turn suddenly. These Russian captains. Sometimes they turn suddenly -"
"They turn suddenly; suddenly, to see?"
"To see if anyone's behind them."
"To see if anyone's behind them ... they turn."
"They turn. We call it Crazy Ivan."
"Crazy Ivan ..."
"Crazy Ivan."
"Ivan ... because they're Russian. Russian captains."
"And they turn. Suddenly."

Dgcopter said...

Not nearly enough "fuck"s in that to be Mamet.