October 26, 2004

Has been

I have to admit that when I first saw Dragon's Lair in the arcade, I thought it was pretty frickin' cool. Surrounded by 8-bit games, a playable cartoon looks pretty compelling.

The FAQ for Dragon's Lair II reveals how truly crappy the whole idea is. Apparently, to win the game all you need to do is:

SWORd, SWORD, SWORD. SWORD, RIGHT. LEFt onto the ledge then SWORD, SWORD. RIGHT, SWORD, SWORD, UP. Call out Daphne's name. RIGHT, RIGHT then embrace and kiss. RIGHT, RIGHT. SWORD, SWORD then RIGHT to go home

Now you're playing with power.

1 comment:

Dgcopter said...

And yet, they keep trying to bring it back. Well, 2 years ago, anyway.

I notice they cancelled the PS2 version of this. Perhaps due to complete lack of interest?