April 20, 2005

News you can use

A Tempest arcade machine measures 26" x 32" x 68" and weighs a ton. This, according to my mom who has been kind enough not rid the behemoth from her basement in St. Louis and probably nearly killed herself trying to figure out for me if the thing still works.

Fortunately, it does!

Armed with this knowledge, I can now begin scheming in earnest as to how best relocate said machine to my living room in San Francisco.


Dgcopter said...

Y'know, some of us are going to actually be living in St. Louis shortly...

goldman said...

Yes - and therefore you won't need as many cherished tokens of our youth to remind you of dear old St. Louis.

I'm out here in godless California with nary a memento of home.

you know said...

they should seriously start manufacturing new ones for all of us products of the 80s.

how expensive could it be to make? a joystick, a 20" monitor, a board?

the housing would cost the most, i imagine.

anyway, you could probably get a used on in the City for cheap.

goldman said...

You can get them offa Ebay for not that much actually.