June 16, 2005

Well balanced

Last night I road bicycles with my friend Bonedog. We went to see Batman Begins in IMAX (which rocked) and I had the following for dinner:

  • popcorn
  • reece's pieces
  • pretzel bites with pump cheese
  • cheery icee
  • red vines through which I drank the icee
I am living a 12 year-old's fantasy life.


dutchashell said...

Where on earth did you find the pump cheese?

goldman said...

I always keep a travel-sized pouch in my breast pocket.

Nah. At Metreon, pump cheese comes with the pretzel bites! At no extra charge.

goldman said...

Arcade. Good point.

I don't yet have skeeball ... but the gaming options at home are varied and numerous.

Plus, my mom never would've let me setup a gaming PC on the living room coffee table.

Lane Collins said...

I saw the matinee (and thus, not on IMAX) with my mom. But I'll likely be seeing it again with Sutter, so IMAX here I come!

goldman said...

IMAX is always worth it if for no other reason than there are no commericials. It's amazing to have a movie just start at the time printed on the ticket.