July 09, 2005


Last night, a group of anarchists held a protest here in the Mission. I found out about it when Sutter and I were headed to dinner and we saw a single file of 25 policemen in riot gear trailing after 5 teenagers in black hoodies. They (the teenagers) broke a couple windows and sent a cop to the hospital with a head injury.

As a result, I believe the G8 leaders are due to announce the end of capitalism any moment now.

The Chron has The Man's version of what happened. And you can also check out the protester's website for their minute-by-minute account. This comment left on the latter pretty much sums it up for me:

Thanks for making the left look like a bunch of retarded highschoolers yet again. Do us a favor, next time, bust up your own neighborhood in marin or wherever the fuck you idiots come from. Leave liberal citys and people the hell alone, you fucking pose-jobs.


goldman said...

So, yeah, I don't think this form of protest is going to be particularly effective anywhere.

I like this article about a similar event in Palo Alto.

Lane Collins said...


dutchashell said...

OMG! Thank god someone finaly got through to those meanies at the G8. *hair twirl* I mean capitalism is like so yesterday... but then again, so is violence and I hate violence. Like, I guess you could say, I'm totally for making everything equal for everyone. But not so, like, everyone is the same, 'cause, like that would be really lame. Last week, I was like, totally psyched to go and see Madonna and the black eyed peas, but then, Rebeca, my totaly smart but like totally under accessorized friend, told me how if like all the world was equal and stuff, my new Versace bag would be like a million times more expensive and it already took me like 4 days to convince my daddy to like buy it for me, so I think that the world should be like equal and stuff without like being total way too expensive for me to get what I want.

gleemie said...

I'm trying to find an article about the press conferences prior to the Palo Alto protest. Some anarchists went to the cop press conference to ask questions. The top front page photo was one of this kid in a ski cap holding a mike. The caption said something like: "An anarchist wearing a North Face fleece asks a question at police press conference." At the end of the article, a cop was quoted saying "The same anarchist who asked a question at the conference pulled away in a Mercedes."

dutchashell said...

This is totally what I'm talking about. Compassionate consumers totally rock!