July 05, 2005

We Grilled Our Pants Off

The dishes are done and the photos are tagged - this year's July 4th BBQ is complete! As in past years, this BBQ was heavily documented such that we will be able to reconstruct the entire event based on the photographic record even if all the participants have their memories wiped by aliens.

Also there were two grills this year! That was a new feature.

: See also Sutter's, Brett's, Mai's and Willo's.


gleemie said...

This looks like a ton of fun.

Is that a blue chinchilla on Chad's shoulder??

goldman said...

It's an azure iguana named BlueFern, actually.

Or the branch of an orange tree. One of the two.

willotoons said...

hey jason! thanks for the fun bbq!

here's my post & photos from my short visit there! :)


goldman said...

Nice - I felt Jerry was somewhat under-represented in the photos to date. I want all dogs to know that my bbq is a dog-friendly environment.

To the dog readers of this blog, please note that this could be you next year.