October 16, 2005


Shadow of the Colossus gets released this week for PS2. It's the sorta-not-really sequel to Ico - in my view the best game made so far. If you think that's hyperbolic, check out this review of Colossus from

In short, Shadow of the Colossus breaks storytelling barriers none of us knew existed. It's the rare game for which the often overused words "ground-breaking" were truly reserved for, and it's enough to make you regret every stupid coin you ever collected. Besides merely being one of gaming's great moments, this is the experience of the year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, I visited official website yesterday.
Music too is good! Probably you know a lot about Japan more than me.
The Colossus is kyouzou in Japanese.
Enjoy it!
I found Podcast at odeo

Have a nice day!

goldman said...

Oh, cool. Didn't know they were podcasting.

Just got done with playing through the first third of Colossus and it's incredible! Those suckers are huuuge!

I'm wondering if kyouzou is just a japanese approximation of the greek word colossus or if it means something particular in japanese as well. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I examined it.
Perhaps Shadow of the Colossus was "kyouzou"(the image which reflect in a mirror), and the Colossus (the huge statue) was "kyozou".
I apologize for my misunderstanding.
Well, Apollo God of the Greek myth seems to be big!
I thank for your comment!