December 14, 2005


So, yes! I've returned to San Francisco and Sutter has a great post about the whole trip.

I still have a bit of the cold that I was wrestling with during most of the trip. It's not that bad, but I'm getting really tired of it. Also, the symptoms are unlike anything I've experienced:

  • Dry throat: Every morning I wake up with the desert in the back of my mouth.
  • Odd cravings: In particular, I'm really hungry for pork which I don't normally eat at all.
  • Bad grammar: Weird syntax and all kinds of usage mistakes (I used "where" for "we're" earlier today).
  • Ashiness: I've got some kinda desiccated corpse action going on.
Diagnoses are appreciated.


Dgcopter said...

Sounds like the clap to me.

Gwynneth said...

your cravings and diminishing gramar sounds like you are pregnant...hahah j/k. i have no clue...are you keeping yourself well hydrated? no soda, no cofee and no alcohol. only water, juice, tea, or soup is my prescription for you.

goldman said...

Soup has definitely been helpful.

Pregnant with the clap seems plausible to me.

goldman said...

Ah, SteveJ. You are ever the source of comfort to me.

I'm coming to hug you right now.

jason said...

I can't shake it either. Just when I think its on the way out, I wake up the next morning.

I need a hug from SteveJ too.