January 17, 2006

All in the game

I was in Vegas this past weekend. I'd only ever been once before when Sutter and I stopped in for a single evening during our drive cross country.

The weekend was a total blast. Some highlights:

  • The Wynn Las Vegas. I need to stay in more places with electronically controlled drapery. Plus I had the best breakfast of my life there on Saturday morning. It was called "Breakfast."

  • Avenue Q. The show at the Wynn. I am just the world's biggest sucker for book musicals. And this one has puppets and dirty jokes. The latter of which is interesting because I think some lines probably play better in the Broadway production than they do in Nevada. For example, the middle-aged gentleman sitting next to me didn't return from intermission after the closeted gay puppet sang a ditty about his make-believe girlfriend in Canada, the punchline of which is "And I can't wait to eat her pussy again."

  • Poker. My first sally into gambling. Poker is great because basically if you just sit at the low-limit table and play incredibly tight you're not going to lose that much money. And no matter how little you think you know about poker, there's someone at the table who knows even less. My philosophy was that I was bound to lose the cash I'd brought to gamble and I got a bit luckier at poker than I expected. Of course, I was also helped by ...

  • Video Poker. Really, a stupid game. In fact, the only reason I put $10 in the 25¢ machine was because I had some time to kill before my spot came up at real Poker. About 5 minutes later I'd nearly lost the $10 when the computer kindly dealt me AAAA4 which pays out at 2000-1 because the 4 represents some kinda bonus kicker. A nice way to finish the weekend, that.
All around a great time. I'm looking forward to going back.


dutchashell said...

For a time in our office whenever the internet radio would time out, "the internet is for porn" would pop up in the playlist.... made for some interesting business meetings.

Mai said...

i think it's great that your post about vegas has inspired a helpful commenter to suggest cell phones, gift baskets, photography, and wedding planning to you and your readers.

i mean nothing says goldman in vegas like "wedding planning."

goldman said...

Yes! Truly those comments were helpful. Sadly they've been removed.

Lane Collins said...

I concur with Mai, I was sure you'd come back married to a Real Doll.

Avenue Q looked fantastic. It was hard to choose, but I'm glad we went with the nudity, dudes kissing, crowd molesting and dildo waving of Zumanity. Curiously, we also had a couple next to us who didn't last the duration of the show.