January 17, 2006


Jason Sutter reveals the dark, replicant history of Brenda's mom from Six Feet Under. My mind is blown.

Incidentally, Sutter's been deathly ill for the past week. I'd pray for his swift recovery but his blogging has never been better.


Lane Collins said...

It should be noted I had to point out who she was. ;)

jason said...

Ms. Lane did pick her out the moment she was on screen. I was skeptical. As soon as you hear her voice, there's no doubt about it.

Then the whole world falls apart.

goldman said...

How many other of Collins' ideas are you passing off as your own?

jason said...

The truth is, Lane has been anonymously guest-blogging on my site for the last month and a half... While I've been away in rehab.

I should have let you know. I realize that now. Thanks to the wonderful people at the center, I now understand that I wasn't just hurting me, my actions were also hurting those around me.

In the interest of keeping the disclosure going... As of late I've been going around telling people how Miso is an active culture. This fact also does not belong to me, but to Wikipedia.

It feels so good to get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your cold is better, jason!

Lane Collins said...

Alas, I can pick out obscure celebrity faces from a mile away. Apparently, though, it takes my significant other to write an endearing blog post about it.