March 03, 2006

Hear that whistle blowin'

Last night, just around midnight, there was the loudest thunderclap I've heard since leaving Mid-West. It was a rolling, surging boom that sounded so much like a freight train that I had to check out my window (after it had subsided) to make sure a tornado hadn't torn away the backyard.

After the crest, the thunder echoed for a good minute longer. It was so out of the ordinary for San Francisco's impossibly tranquil climate that I'm surprised there aren't more reports of it.

The sky was falling, people!


Steve Jenson said...

Oh, that was thunder?! I thought it was God. I keep asking for a sign that I will win the Madden Challenge this year.

Back to the drawing board. :-(

Anonymous said...

God has nothing to do with it God