April 25, 2006


I just upgraded to the new MacBook Pro 15" from my old G4 PowerBook. My old laptop was only 2 years old but had all the bad behaviors of infant crossed with an octogenarian. It couldn't wake up from sleep and wouldn't go to sleep when it was supposed to. I also treated it like you would any misbehaving (grand)child in that I dropped it repeatedly.

There's many nice things about the new MacBook but I've not had it long enough to know what they all are. The biggest thing so far is that I can't believe how well Backup works. A couple hours of disk thrashing later and I've basically got the exact same setup I had before but on much better hardware and with a new operating system (I was still on 10.3.9 - the shame is gone!)

I have to reinstall some applications, but I'll be more than good to go for work tomorrow. It's just a shame they finally finished upgrading all the conference rooms with PowerBook AC adapters and now I'm rocking the the MagSafe lifestyle.


Gwynneth said...

you are special

goldman said...

Um ... thanks!