June 27, 2006


The 9/11 conspiracy theories are going mainstream ... or at least they've made the front page of Salon and there's talk of theatrical distribution for the leading alternative history documentary.

I had a number of friends in high school who were really into JFK conspiracies and it kinda fascinated me how a single event, observed by so many, could be interpretted in so many divergent ways. Surely, I thought, if only we had better documentary evidence of the assassination, we could settle the issue once and for all.

The 9/11 conspiracies are a strong rebuttal to that point. Not only do you have arguments about whether the Pentagon was hit by a plane or a cruise missile, but there are even folks who don't believe planes hit the Twin Towers.

We're talking about an event that was witnessed live by millions of people and video taped from numerous angles. And yet, apparently, those arguing on the side of heretofore unknown holographic technology have achieved enough of a foothold that someone needs to write 20-odd pages explaining precisely how preposterous this sounds.

Holograms, for crissakes! Makes the grassy knoll seem pretty pedestrian.


Snow said...

nobody's saying no airplane hit it. but the physics of how the twin towers fell. hit by an aircraft, it amazingly fell neatly into smokey dust engulfing NY, something more tuned to a controlled demolition, rather than a random hit by an aircraft.

how did the lower level floors also turn to dust, when it was the upper level that was hit. if it's pancaking, how come it turns the floors, computers, machineries, photocopiers everything into dust particles?

to be honest, it does make me ask questions. only God Knows Best.

goldman said...

Yeah - somehow I knew that this post was a mistake. That's what you get for late night blogging.

I'm not really interested in debating the veracity of the different conspiracy theories. That's not really the point I was making.

The conspiracy theories are interesting to me because they express a certain way in which folks deal with tragedy - a hyper-analytic, pattern-seeking way.

I find that interesting because I am, myself, a hyper-analytic pattern-seeking type dude ... so I get where you're coming from, nisa, even if I'm just gonna throw Occam's razor at all controlled demolition arguments.

As for the "no plane" theories, they are in fact real. As explained in the debunking article linked in the original post, the theory involves either a real-time control of the mass media or a holographic projection masking the "true" cause of the impact.

In either case, it's an example of when compulsive pattern-seeking starts to resemble schizophrenia. Every aberrant detail is a small confirmation of a larger, fantastic theory.

Matt said...

I say we subpoena this God fellow to get some answers.

We shall make the Almighty tremble before the contempt powers of the American judiciary!

goldman said...

Here's the problem with that plan: how do we go about swearing Him in?

Matt said...

We'll ask his friend Best to do it.

Did you see recently the article Where have all the UFOs gone?. On the general subject of evidence and speculative phenomena it snarks, "the better we got at taking sharp, high-resolution pictures of things, the fewer aliens spaceships we saw. Support for this is a matter of record."

Da Vinci Code gets a lot of its appeal from this mystery/detail aesthetic. And of course there's always Fred Leuchter in Mr. Death.

I generally dig it in the really kooky settings - like aliens and UFOs and stuff. But then people start getting into it with respect to things like the WTC smashing and the Holocaust, and instead of feeling amazed, I get a little sick.

I guess you have to say that what seems true, what feels true to people just isn't always true.

steve said...

in my world, every good blog post would have the word "crissakes"

love it.

FZ said...

Hmm,some people think sep 11 is a one big conspiracy set up by the government.Some have said that Airplanes did hit the buildings but the fall of the twin towers may also be cause by a hidden explosive planted within the building and the explosion of the planes help to trigger the explosive.One would compared sep 11 to Pearl Harbour attack during the second world war.

ancient clown said...

One minor error in stating; "heretofore unknown holographic technology", as there are those of us out there who are aware of such things. Military Testing of this technology has been suspected near area 51 for a number of years before 911. Used as a diversionary tactic it can also simulate UFO's.

Please tell me that you're not one of those people who believes everything they see on TV...I also watched it LIVE, with millions of people...and didn't believe a word of it.
I could see in the eyes of reporters and BUSH that they were lying and it made me wonder why.
Then they started goin on about the Patriot ACT and the NEED to go to WAR and TERRORISM--(great, yet another 'ism')--and I stopped wondering.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown