July 19, 2006


These roast beef flavored corn chips are vegetarian friendly.

England, yo. They've still got a Queen over there.


dutchashell said...

Prawn (Shrimp) flavored everything can be found on that loverly strange continent... Just wait until the ravens get the bird flu.

Peter said...

This seems much healthier than the beef chips I found in the Midwest.

ORTHODOC said...


i cant see my blogggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!

is this democracy which we pride of??
blogger from india.

Bwa said...

And those lovely Brits also like to add artificial sweetener to non-diet food. Walkers Sweet Thai Chili Crisps, Haywards piccalilli (something akin to mustard pickle relish) and Lemon Barley Water are just a few of the items I've discovered to have aspartame or saccharin as a random ingredient.