November 10, 2006


I just heard a passing reference to a 'puppy party' as a theme for a young kid's birthday. For about 20 minutes, I imagined a room full of dogs and kids running around pell-mell in a giant puppy-toddler herd.

And, I must admit, I was pretty upset at my mom for never having such a party for me. Not that Star Wars wasn't a perfectly good birthday theme, but still.

So I went online to see what options there are for renting out a puppy party. Not for myself, mind you. Just, you know, out of curiosity.

Turns out a puppy party is just a birthday party where you get the kids to pretend that they're puppies. Which is totally weak. You're off the hook, Mom.


Matt said...

It sounds like a rugrat furry party.

Incidentally, from the link: As kids come in the door, have grown-up "groomers" turn them into puppies.

Isn't grooming the activity that Republican congressmen engage in over IM?

Mary Flack said...

At first i thought I was into the idea of a "pretend you're a pony, i mean puppy party". But this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

For "Dog Trainer Says" (get it? simon says but for puppies) the instructions point out the importance of creating a cheat sheet to remember appropriate commands. Sound like a fun party.

Miele said...

hmmm... my now 10-year old cousin got a puppy party when she was 8. They had dozens of real live adoptable puppies there! Her parents got the local rescue to bring all the paperwork and pups in case any of her little friends wanted to bring one home... How's that for a party favor?