February 23, 2007

Feeling lucky?

Here's an idea for a techno-thriller: A blogger starts receiving threatening messages via his referrer logs. For example he sees hits to his blog from search queries like [i'm watching you] or [it will happen soon]. I don't have it all mapped out but maybe evil trackbacks are involved.

I came up with the idea because my own referrer logs reveal that someone ended up looking at my blog by searching for [how does jason goldman die?].

Google doesn't seem to have the answer, but if you know please leave a comment.


Lane Collins said...

His sausage wand will be used against him!

goldman said...

Foolish girl. The sausage mage's power lies not in his wand.

It rests in his relish.

Lane Collins said...

Sir, thou relish relish too much! This shall lead to your ultimate demise if you do not you heed your sacred Mustard training.

Lis said...

I love/am frightened by reading my stats and seeing how people find my blog. Though it's always depressing when I see that it's not my thought-provoking (I hope) blog posts that bring people to my blog but rather posts on fried oreos, designer dogs, and anna nicole smith. Bummer.

Oh, and you'll probably die in a vending machine accident (more common than winning the lottery).