July 14, 2007

Pigeons don't care


Dgcopter said...

Dude, you quoted Les Mis in your twitter? WtF?

goldman said...

I accidentally sent "stars" instead of "stats" (the latter is a command you can send and doesn't post to everyone.)

Sometimes you just feel the spirit, you know. That line "And so it has been / And so it is written / On the doorway to paradise" still kinda gives me the chills.

Dgcopter said...

I guess just seeing someone randomly quote Les Mis took me back to junior high. Did I ever tell you about how me and my buddies used to sit around in the cafeteria and quote Les Mis at each other? True story.

It's a wonder I'm not gay.

goldman said...

Nothing like a healthy dose of musicals to usher in puberty.