October 07, 2007

Cat photos

Lane has done a great job cultivating a yard cat that hangs around her house down in New Zealand. It's fun to have a kitten around.

I inherited a mistrust of cats from my mom. But all-star felines like this one and Moki have changed my mind.

I no longer believe cats are evil. Some may be duplicitous.


Mary Flack said...

Um, I'm sorry, did you forget to mention someone special, someone furry, someone who you said once "UNDID YOUR PANTS?" Mika?!!?

She feels really jilted right now, I have to console her with expensive things.

goldman said...

Mika and I did have a hot time together once. But when I visited the last time, she spurned me. I felt used and neglected.

Tho', yeah, he right thing for you to do is to reward your cat for her bitchy behavior.

Mary Flack said...