May 01, 2008

Physical digital assets are dumb like me

I rented Darkon last night from the local video store, Lost Weekend Video. I'm a big fan of both.

Darkon is a really intense documentary about live action role playing. The filmmakers take the subject very seriously which I admire. The homemade-LOTR-style of it makes it easy to get wrapped up in the in-world narrative.

I'm also fascinated by the game mechanics of Darkon since it requires so much from the participants. My initial reaction to seeing the actual gameplay was "Wow - this would be so easily griefed." I mean, you determine how much damage you take from an incoming attack, not the attacker. I don't think it gets gamed a lot because people are willingly creating this world. They want the narrative to work. Not once during the documentary did they show any disputes about rules or abuses.

I also love Lost Weekend Video. I've rented movies there for years, even through my Netflix addiction. I actually suspended my Netflix account several months back because I was getting all my stuff through Lost Weekend.

So it was a little disappointing when, on my way to return the video at the store this morning, I accidentally put it in the mailbox instead.

I guess it makes up for the time I accidentally mailed Eugene's copy of the Two Towers to Netflix by mistake.

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Richard Finucane said...

When someone has favs such as Blade Runner, Fight Club, and the Orb I have to take notice. @finucane if you wanna say hi, I'll be watching.