February 10, 2003

Pause Play

I saw Wild Style for the first time over the weekend and feel I may have missed out by seeing it on DVD rather than its more traditional presentation on 8th generation VHS. Because it's the DIY feel of both the movie and early hiphop that really helps to connect the dots between the NYC punk and rap scenes. As does this factoid from the commentary track featuring director Charlie Ahearn and Fab 5 Freddy.

Charlie was freaked that if the soundtrack featured one of the 7 rap tracks available at the time that they'd get in trouble for not clearing it. So Freddy created an original breakbeat record for the movie with the help of a drummer and the guitarist from Blondie, Chris Stein. The record was pressed and given to the DJs who appeared in the movie and that's what they used for all of the filmed routines. Guitar riffs by the man who co-wrote Heart of Glass and Sunday Girl.

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