April 14, 2003


I've been conducting an experiment wherein I'll fill my head with thoughts of dogs right before going to sleep in order to encourage canine dreams.

It's not working.

The other night, I invented a new kind of soy milk that was pre-packaged with cereal. The dream kinda fell apart when I couldn't figure out why the cereal was still crunchy.

Still, that was more coherent than the one where I got invited to a taping of the Clint Eastwood Show. It was more dinner theatre than anything else and Clint wasn't even there. Instead, I sat next to Matthew McConaughey and tried to convince him that I thought Reign of Fire was a legitimately great movie. "No, really ... when you jumped at the dragon with the axe! Man, that was heroic."

And then everyone got up and started line dancing ... I felt pretty excluded.

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