April 15, 2003

So why don't you piss off

In the 6th grade, Andrew Askuvich picked up this kid and pile drived him into the rail road ties lining the playground sandbox. I was one of only 2 eye witnesses to this event which would quickly become a fight of epic proportions in the history of Craig Elementary.

This week Andrew and his fiancee visited San Francisco and we took in a Giants game together on Sunday night (the Giants won on a 12th inning RBI double from Marvin Bernard). As the pictures reveal, I was somewhat obsessed with close-ups of Andrew's mellon. For one thing, he's got grey hair and that's a little weird to see on someone with whom you spent the majority of your childhood.

The other thing is that we had a running gag as kids about the size of Andrew's nose and how, you know, it would one day destroy the world. I must admit it doesn't look too menacing in the photographic record.


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