July 26, 2004


Foot Dangle, originally uploaded by goldtoe.
During my trip to NYC in May, I was amazed at the coastal difference in what it means to 'follow politics.' Out here it seems that politics is essentially what happens in the rest of the country. No one bothers strongly campaigning for national office in California because what's the point. Locally, the question is "are you liberal enough" and statewide politics is an absurdist play.

Out East, I found that my college friends were following politics like folks follow sports. Day-to-day coverage, highlights everynight, and compulsive, point-by-point analysis.

Tomorrow morning Shellen and I depart for Boston and for what is sure to be the quintessential example of the latter behavior.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Lt. Col. Steve Brozack's speech on Wednesday night. My onetime roommate and debate pal, Dave, works on Brozack's campaign and helped write the speech. Obviously, to a debate dork like me, this is the sort of thing you hope to do one day if you're rhetorically inclined.

Should be a blast.

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