July 16, 2004


As discussed elsewhere, we've released a wizz-uh-muh-wig editor for Blogger.


It's got features and such and will be a boon for text manipulators everywhere.  I'm a particular fan of the new glyphs that Chris came up with for the toolbar.  I feel like quoting stuff all the time now.


Gwynneth said...

Yeah, my friend bryguy really likes the new editing tools.

meg@mandarin said...

We're hurtin' big time over here at Mandarin. And it doesn't doesn't sound like the manual HTML and CSS coders or the functionality of the 'Edit HTML' problems are a priority for Blogger right now. Maybe never?

If you find a good alternative please let me know. We need a tool that will not muck with our code.


goldman said...

Please see my other blog for updates and bug fixes to the rich text editor. Thanks!