May 10, 2005

After a long day of driving yesterday, I've made it to Wellington. It's a little tricky when you arrive in a new town at night and have no navigator, no hotel reservations and are starving. As such, I was happy to ditch the car today and take to town by foot.

Tonight, I'm very much looking forward to seeing an absolutely crappy movie (Kingdom of Heaven) in an amazing theater (Embassy Theatre).

Embassy has a lot going for it. First, it's the largest screen in the southern hemisphere. Second, they have assigned seating - an innovation I've longed to be imported to the States. Third, they have luxury seating - seats that cost an extra 3 kiwibucks, are better positioned, bigger and, like, come with vibratory functions or something. (And, yes, fourth, Embassy hosted the world premiere of Return of the King).

In other news, I got caught completely flatfooted by a plain-clothes tout for the hare krishas today. She was well into her spiel about how I could have the secret to ultimate pleasure for only $35 and all I could offer up as to why I didn't need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity was: "Uh ... I'm from San Francisco."

It'd be sorta like flying halfway around the world just to ride a cable car. Which, actually, I did today.

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