May 14, 2005


The bags are unpacked, the passport is stowed away and the photos have been uploaded & tagged.

Time for the vacation slideshow!


Kimmy said...

Wow. New Zealand is gorgeous. Nice pics!

Mom said...

Excellent pictures. Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

Unknown said...

Hey, excellent pics, dude! Some of them are definite prize winners. I liked the forest pics with the sun streaming in the most.

I have to ask if you took the shots with a digital SLR or a prosumer??? I am planning on upgrading to a digital SLR, most likely the EOS 20D. Awesome work!


goldman said...

Thanks very much. My camera is a sony dsc-t1 so not SLR. I like it because of the small size - it's really easy to keep it in a front pocket and I find this makes it easier for me to take a lot more pictures.

NZ said...

Hi,where did you take this photo in NewZealand? South Island? I live in NewZealand now and I cannot wait to find this beautiful place.

goldman said...

This was at the foreshore in New Plymouth (looking southwest). It's at the wharf where you can also find the windwand.

I didn't see any of the South Island my trip - I really want to come back soon and see the other half.

willotoons said...

gorgeous photos - makes me want to go there!

nothin like home eh? and ditto what you said on the small cameras :)