May 14, 2005


The bags are unpacked, the passport is stowed away and the photos have been uploaded & tagged.

Time for the vacation slideshow!


Kimmy said...

Wow. New Zealand is gorgeous. Nice pics!

Unknown said...

Hey, excellent pics, dude! Some of them are definite prize winners. I liked the forest pics with the sun streaming in the most.

I have to ask if you took the shots with a digital SLR or a prosumer??? I am planning on upgrading to a digital SLR, most likely the EOS 20D. Awesome work!


goldman said...

Thanks very much. My camera is a sony dsc-t1 so not SLR. I like it because of the small size - it's really easy to keep it in a front pocket and I find this makes it easier for me to take a lot more pictures.

goldman said...

This was at the foreshore in New Plymouth (looking southwest). It's at the wharf where you can also find the windwand.

I didn't see any of the South Island my trip - I really want to come back soon and see the other half.

willotoons said...

gorgeous photos - makes me want to go there!

nothin like home eh? and ditto what you said on the small cameras :)