February 14, 2006


I noticed that Ev has introduced a link to a Google self search in the About Me section of his blog. The query is 'evan williams OR evhead -bourbon' ... excluding bourbon because there's also a Kentucky whiskey of the same name.

So, here's what a query for 'jason goldman' looks like that excludes results in the top 10 that don't actually pertain to me:

jason goldman -jazz -palm -glbtq -usda -lacrosse -"sister gooch"
Turns out there's a lot of namespace contention out there.


medialog said...

Sorry to email you, but because Blogger and Google don't repy and give no information at all I want to let you know that many (all?) users off Blogger have great problems the last 24 hours and no one seems to do anything.
Our posts dissappearing after we have saved them. (see For more than 1 day now all posts are gone. The are delete after about half an hour from the dashboard.
Please contact Blogger to fix this!! Thanks.

goldman said...

Please see the status blog for updates on this issue.