February 03, 2006


The NYT reporting on the Rolling Stones planned halftime appearance at the Super Bowl this Sunday:

Jagger said the network should not be concerned about what the Stones will sing, although no one is publicly divulging the song titles beforehand. "They needn't worry about it," Jagger said. "Calm down more and take life as it comes." He underscored his remark with a blunt obscenity, to humorous effect.
Verily, it was thus.


Matt said...

I wonder if this means they'll be performing "Sweet Little Neocon". Which title, btw, is clumsy.

They should stick to less controversial material like, say, Brown Sugar. Who doesn't approve of sexy slavery songs?

goldman said...

The head of programming has already issued a statement saying "It's not going to be Sweet Little Neocon."

The funny thing about the NYT piece is that they're actually debating whether having the Stones play the Super Bowl is indicative of a more permissive American lifestyle or the fact that the Stones aren't controversial anymore.

Tough debate, there. It's anticipated that "Start Me Up" will be one of the 3 songs performed. Which, you know, was used to sell MS Windows 10 years ago.