May 27, 2004

More silly rankings

I visited the Met today for the first time. In my book, it easily beats both the Louvre and the Prado.

It has the same "We've got everything, ever" vibe as the great European museums I've seen, but blows away the competition with stuff like Room with Giant Temple and Hey, Here's a Facade from a Building But Inside. Very cool.

Also, there was an Andy Goldsworthy installation on the roof.

By the way, the Cristo deal that's going to be going on in Central Park next year is going to be something to see.


gleemie said...

Did you find Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler?

You know what's a kick ass restaurant? The Blue Ribbon Bakery nearish NYU. Awesome bread, awesome french onion soup, awesome caloric ecstasy.

You didn't ask. I'm just saying.

jason said...

Goldsworthy on the roof! aagoawol;knab aoawugahh!!

I must go to New York.

goldman said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Lilly. I had lunch there today before heading out to JFK and it was awesome. Their matzo ball soup is incredible!