May 23, 2004


My tour of famous, public WiFi hotspots continues ... Today's stop: Bryant Park.

This is a swell fusion of old and new. Bryant Park feels like an old world public commons - largely because it is. On my left, the Great Lawn stretches out to New York Public Library. On my right, 41st stretches out to Times Square. And in the middle ... hot & free WiFi. With tons of available tables upon which to perch your 'puter.

Good work Bryant Park. Someone needs to do this for Dolores Park back home.


anna said...

Yeah, and Dupont Circle needs some of that action, too. I hear people in Austin consider free WiFi a right. It's nice to see that Texans can be crazy in a good way sometimes.

goldman said...

Yes, but in Austin, they've also made a tourist attraction out of being swarmed by bats.