May 10, 2004

The Morning After

Note to self: when checking to see how your site's doing after its big launch, verify you have functional DSL before going crazy-go-nuts.


Gwynneth said...

Hey Jason,

So, did you have a hand in the new improved Power Blogger? Its nice.

Matt said...

Hey, Im sure you're fed up of people asking you.. but do you have any spare invites for the new Gmail thing? Would be great. Anyway, nice new Blogger site.. nice to see a new design, that's sleek.

Have fun, and don't be getting drunk on the launch parties!!!

God Bless,


Matt said...

I'm the real Matt, by the way. Fucking great, the new Blogger! Takes all the nice stuff I liked about MT and makes it very slick and accessible. Awesome!

goldman said...

Ahh, the real Matt. Conveniently, I can distinguish you by your profile. Heh.