July 24, 2004

Puppy Digital

puppy to good home
I've returned to the land of the camera'd! My new Sony Dsc-T1 is amazing. Ultra-small, quick, and crazy good quality.

I'm easing back into taking pictures ... sticking with the safe subjects - dogs, cats, flowers. Go with what works, they say.

Next week, however, I plan to branch out as I'm headed to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Blogger's doing a shindig with the DCCC and I'm looking forward to blogging about the pols, the convention, the bloggers at the convention, etc.

Oh, and Flickr rocks!

1 comment:

Matt said...

sounds sweet. get a picture of steve brozak or dave if you can. do you have any recommends on something a bit, erm, cheaper - or a resource to check out. My head burst open when I tried to research this shit, and all I was left with was a brainy keyboard and the film camera that I found on the apartment floor one day.