January 18, 2005


My friend Flack is an excellent paintress and a bit of a loon. You can see examples of both on her new blog.

Recently, her favorite cranberry sauce was discontinued. A lesser Flack may have bowed down to the whims of the Man and his Sauce Discontinuation Tyranny:

"I couldn't find it at my local safeway, made a big batch of my own, wrote a letter asking for it back, and then found the last remaining twelve bags in the city. As an excercise in self restraint, and at the urging of my husband, Eugene, I only bought 8."

Restraint, indeed.

1 comment:

Mary Flack said...

You'll be glad to know I found 4 more bags at another safeway. I just couldn't live without those ideal 12. As promised, I will save you one teaspoon full.