January 19, 2005

Something I don't get

I was at the DNC when Barack Obama burst onto the national stage. And I was one of those who fervently wished we could just jump ahead to the day when he was running for President and skip this whole Kerry business.

Sen. Obama is now in Washington and the 109th Congress is getting back to doing the people's business. Judging by the Senate website, Obama has thus far had two significant votes. First, he voted against Barbara Boxer's objection to certifying the Ohio electoral vote. Now, so did everyone else (or they abstained). And I'm not particularly convinced that singling out Ohio is an effective way of engaging in a discussion about the voting failures seen during the 2004 elections.

However, the failures are real. The fact is that America portrays itself as the exemplar democracy and we've not figured out voting. Objection seems a reasonable start.

Obama's second notable vote came today when he joined 16 other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in approving the nomination of Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State. The two opposing votes were John Kerry and Barbara Boxer. (Hey - this Boxer lady seems on to something.)

So, I get the fact that Rice is going to be Secretary of State - but come on! She did such a great job creating the case for invading Iraq that she deserves a promotion? Remember the "16 words" debacle ... same lady!

I know, I know. Obama just got there, no sense in making waves before Congress even really gets into gear, and so on. But when someone leads you to war on what turns out to be an outright lie it's time to object goddammit. Object! Vote no! Make waves!

Otherwise, what's the point in being there?

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